No Surprise Seeing Tesla on the Road! Electric Vehicles in Silicon Valley

-from San Francisco, US

Tesla is being known as a motor company that Elon Musk funded by selling PayPal.


Although Teslas are being favored by few people in Japan, its popularity is not growing because Japan yet is lacking EV charging stations.


However, here is Silicon Valley, you can spot Teslas everywhere.


As a background, there is a big push for electric vehicle being promoted by the community. At major companies, you can see EV charging stations being installed.


Evernote provides charging stations for its employees.


You get a notification through Google calendar to move the car from the charging station after 2 hours.




This is a parking lot at Google campus also with EV charging stations.


I feel new technology will see the light in such a social infrastructural environment where start-up companies can also prosper.