Witnessing Some Secrets Behind the Success of US IT Companies by visiting Facebook, Instagram and Evernote

– from San Francisco, US

From San Francisco to Silicon Valley, there are numerous start-up companies where leading US IT companies are located.


Among many IT companies, I paid visits to presently most successful Facebook and a rising star, Evernote.



Evernote is located in a city called Redwood that is close to San Francisco airport. Their office building is very stylish and appealing inside and out.

Since photography was permitted on the 1st floor of the building, I took pictures of things that were inspiring.



The reception is very trendy and has an open feeling to it.


Their gift shop sells variety of their original items with sleek designs.



This is their cafeteria. I was surprised by the fact that high-quality food is provided for free to the employees.


They are also fully equipped with fitness gym.

Most venture companies as major as Evernote, provide their employees with cafeteria that they can eat as well as some basic electric devices for free.



I heard their meeting room was named after one of the game software. And I came to find out it was actually named after the Japanese game software called “Altred Beast” by SEGA.

Japanese games appear to be recognized with respect in other parts of the world.


I also visited Facebook.


You can see the word “HACK” is being displayed everywhere but it makes complete sense for a company that was founded by IT technicians and engineers.


There are areas that ones cannot enter without appointments with a personal from Facebook. These areas are so spacious that gives you impression that you are in town somewhere.

You will see that diverse food choices are available such as hamburger, Japanese food and Italian cuisine and more.

And they are also being provided for free except for 2 restaurants.


It might have been because it was Friday; there were visitor groups that seem to be family members of Facebook employees.

Their gaming room was equipped with old Japanese game machines with Japanese writings on them.



Electric board shows how many Facebook users there are in different countries of the world.


Even their restroom area has their trademark Facebook signs!


There are playful and fun displays everywhere.


Now I went to the rooftop of the building.



To my surprise, the rooftop was covered with grass.

There were people staying over nights because they were during their hackathon event.


I also visited Instagram, which is recently becoming quite popular among people in Japan.

Their office is located in the same areas where their parent company, Facebook is.



The person who traveled in this exhibited car became very popular in Instagram. Ones can take pictures of themselves with the car. They can also share the pictures on Instagram.


Pictures and artworks that are created by Instaram users are also being displayed.


US IT Companies’ Success makes complete sense after observing Silicon Valley leading companies.

When visiting their offices, I asked about the cultures of their companies. They all said their companies focus on their employees/engineers.

Companies that I visited all seemed very flexible and employee-friendly. They also are engaging in creating spaces for serious discussions.


At Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg’s glass-in office is located in the middle portion of the building. I hear he stays in his office most of the day, making important decisions.


Companies with competitive Sales and Marketing Department such as Human Resource companies and Temporary Employment Service have tendency to grow in Japan. However, those types of Japanese companies may not necessarily survive in the global markets.

On the other hand, venture companies in Silicon Valley focus on what they can do next with technology. Also there are many cases where investors keep investing in those venture companies regardless of their loss.


Projecting the age of IoT (Internet of Things) society will come in the near future; most US IT companies are considering implementation of Deep Learning, AI (Artificial Intelligence) or Computing Machine.


Currently, Computing Machines are being considered as the most highly paid engineers in Silicon Valley.


US start-up companies usually get much greater IPO (Initial Public Offering) and funding compared to Japanese start-up companies, which leads to scaling their businesses.


Their success stories cannot be told without highly paid engineers who are constantly being demanded for the result, the companies’ cultures that they develop, and the investors that aid with their fortune.


And Google became a victorious global company by establishing its surrounding communities with EV charging stations, promoting autonomous cars in Mountain View, CA, and utilizing Uber in towns. Trial and error philosophy is positively being put into practice under that kind of social structures.


Their business drive may stem from organizing such social system that will work as their advantages.